Have you ever wanted to know how fireworks work?  Want to know how to put on your own neighborhood display using consumer fireworks?  Then you've come to the right place! 

This site will show you everything you need to know to put on a great neighborhood display for the 4th of July or any other occasion.  See pictures of fireworks display setups, learn how to make your own fuse, build your own electrical firing system, any much more!  Since all of this deals with consumer fireworks, no permits or licenses are necessary! 

Right now I'm trying to fix the bug of "http://www.pyrouniverse.com" being displayed on EVERY portion of this page.  I'm also redesigning the layout of this site so it looks better and is easy to navigate.  These changes will probably take several weeks due the the unimaginably slow speed of my computer and internet connection.


Last Updated: Sunday, July 29th, 2001





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How fireworks work
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Getting started and Basic Tips
Advanced display ideas 
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Before you begin - some tips to read about the projects listed below

Make your own fuse - learn how to make your own black match and quick match fuse
Re-loadable mines - make simple mines that shoot upward blasts of color
Skyrockets - build this simple rocket using model rocket engines 
Set pieces - create words or pictures in fire
Pyro waterfall - make a loud, bright shower of sparks and flame



Firing panel - create an electrical control box like the pros use
Mortar racks - build racks of tubes for launching multiple aerial shells
Mine rack - an angled firing rack to fire mines from
Bottle rocket rack - fire off hundreds of bottle rockets!


DISCLAIMER: The author of this site claims no responsibility for personal injuries or discombobulation caused by fireworks or any of the materials presented at this site.  Some of the material on this site may be illegal, and is here for informational purposes only.  I do not advise breaking the law, nor do I take  responsibility if you get in trouble for it.

This site is mainly about consumer fireworks - those that can be bought by the public.  There are ABSOLUTELY NO instructions on site this for making bombs or thermonuclear weapons.  Viewers are cautioned that they must form their own opinion as to the application of anything found in this home page.  There is no guarantee that any device will function or perform as described here.

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